Using the Library with COM

In order to use the JohannaSoft Imageshack Upload Library via COM, you need to register the COM model. 

To do so, use  Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 tools to register the library and the COM model.

To register the library and the types , use the comand from the SDK command prompt: 

regasm  /tlb JohannaSoft.UploaderLib.dll 

This will generate the type library (tlb) and register it. 

Place the assembly on the GAC (Windows .NET assembly cache) use the following command: 

gacutil /i  JohannaSoft.UploaderLib.dll 

If you want un unregister the library and types , use the command: 

regasm JohannaSoft.UploaderLib.dll /unregister

Deleting the .NET assembly from the cache (GAC) is done by: 

gacuitl /u JohannaSoft.UploaderLib

Please note there is no .dll at the end. 

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