The Library

The library supports uploading images to Imageshack service and returns the links generated by such upload. 

It needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to work properly.

It can be imported on any .NET project, using VB.NET, C#.NET or any other programming language or tool compatible. 

Also Component Object Model (COM) is supported, so you can use the library via COM on environments such as Delphi.

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  • Logins to a user account for the upload, provided a customer registration code or username/pasword pair. 
  • Supports JPEG,GIF,BMP,TIFF,BMP and ICO formats. 
  • Resizing options available, as well as resample option (optimize). 
  • Uploads images either from local computer (path) or using deferrend URL.
  • Possibility to upload images with tags. 
  • Mark the image Public or Private 
  • Disable / Enable Information on Thumbnail generation 
  • Returns all URLs and code generated by Imageshack ulpload. 
  • COM Support. The library exposes all functionality via COM Object Model 

Library Version and Information: 

  • Assembly Version:   1.0.4890.15269
  • .NET Profile: .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
You can download the library here, or at the bottom of the page. 

Using the library.

Login options.
You can either provide username and password for the upload to an specific account, or the customer registration code.

Please check on how to obtain the user registration code tied to an account.

To upload an image to an specific account, using the Customer Registration Code set the following properties
CustomerRegistrationCode with the code
UploadUsingRegistrationCode to true
UploadUsingUserameAndPassword to false

To upload an image to an specific account using username and password set the following properties: 
UploadUsingRegistrationCode to false
UploadUsingUserameAndPassword to true
UserName using the desired user name 
UserPassword using the desired user password

*Please be cautious with login and password information, since special characters must be handled.

Visibility options. 

By default, the image will be marked as private (only visible for the user account). 

If you want to upload the image as public image set the following property: 
UploadAsPublic to true 

If you mark  UploadAsPublic to false the image will be  private. 

Resizing options. 

Resizing is done by Imageshack platform once the image is uploaded. 

If you do not wish any resizing done, set the property: 
ResizeImage to false 

If you wish only to resample (optimize) te image for size and quality, set the property:
ResampleImage to true 

For resizing the image, to a desired with and lenght, set the following properties: 
ResizeImage to true 
X_Image_Size_Resizing to desired value 
Y_Image_Size_Resizing to desired value 

Please note that resizing only works for making images smaller. 

Information on ToolBar / Thumbnail.

If you want to disable / enable Imageshack information on generated toolbars /  thumbnails please set the property:
RemoveInfoOntoolBar to true (disable) or false (enable) 

Adding Tags to an image.

If you want to add tags for the image , use the following method: 
AddTagtoImage([desired tag]) 

Uploading images from local disk. 

To upload an image from local disk use the next properties: 
UploadingImageFromLocalFile to true
LocalPathImage to the local path of the image 

Uploading images from external URLs.

To upload an image using an external image URL, use the properties: 
UploadingImageFromRefferalURL to true
UrlImage to the URL pointing to the image to be uploaded 

Uploading the image. 

Once all desired properties are set, call the method:


and the image will be uploaded.

Any errors on the process will be thrown as Exceptions, that your program must capture. 

The method UploadImageIS() will return a string list object containing all Imageshack generated parameters for the uploaded image. 

Response parameters. 

The response parameters contain useful links and code such as code for forums, image urls and other stuff.

Here is a list of the parameters that will be returned once the image is sucessfully uploaded: 

  • thumb_link : the URL for the image thumnail 
  • image_html : HTML code to emmbed the uploaded image on a web page / site 
  • thumb_html : HTML code to emmbed the uploaded image thumbnail on a web page / site 
  • image_bb : forum code to insert the uploaded image 
  • image_bb2  : forum code to insert the uploaded image (alternative code) 
  • thumb_bb : forum code to insert the uploaded image thumnail 
  • thumb_bb2 : forum code to insert the uploaded image thumnail (alternative code) 
  • done_page : HTML URL page with the upload result at Imageshack
  • yforg_link : Link for yfrog 
  • yfrog_thumb : Link for the thumnail on yfrog
  • image_link : URL pointing directly to the uploaded image 
  • is_link : URL for te uploaded image, on Imageshack viewer
  • ad_linkURL for te uploaded image, on Imageshack viewer

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